Putin’s Deception: Russia Commences Bombing Opposition To Assad, Not ISIS

Reports state:

Russia’s Defense Ministry has insisted the forces will target places occupied by ISIS. However, the attacks allegedly hit areas held by groups opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Homs and Hama provinces. Local opposition groups say that the planes hit Zafaraneh, Rastan, and Talbiseh, which do not house ISIS.

The opposition reports 36 people have died, including children.

A senior U.S. defense official told CNN the Pentagon was “taken aback” by Russia’s actions. “Our presidents just talked about setting up de-confliction talks and now they just go ahead and do this? They cannot be trusted.”

A second U.S. official said: “This is not how military relations are conducted, by banging on the door of our embassy and reading a note.”

Shocked?  This is pure Obama doctrine, for the Middle East. He believes everyone will sit down and play nice-nice.  In fact, in a ridiculous show of  we are still “working together” Kerry comes out to make a joint statement with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, they both made statements  Nice.  Kerry stating that he and “Sergey” would sit down in the next couple of days to work out how this will proceed.  Minister Lavrov, just smiled.

If history has taught us anything, it has taught us Russia just blasted into the Ukraine and took the Crimea.  Ukraine will be having fixed elections later this month.  Putin is the President of Russia, and does one think his is going to rescue Assad for no reason?  He has been meeting with Iran and Iraq.  They have formed an unholy alliance.  They will say one thing to buy time, as Putin demonstrated the last few days, and then go ahead an do what they have been planning to do for months.  Just as Hitler paid lip service to all of Europe, he was building his military, meeting with  Prime Minister Chamberlain of England and signed a treaty with Russia.  As Minister Lavrov will meet with Kerry, appear on TV with Kerry and smile as Russian jets bomb U.S. backed militia and civilians.   History repeats itself.

The end game for Putin?  What the end game is for any head of state who is trying to rule the world-gaining the Middle East.  Having the US locked out completely.  This is not some Columbia University class Obama is in with an assignment on how to change hearts and minds.  This is real life, where there are bad guys, like Stalin and Hitler and Mao.  Putin may not be a Hitler, but his interests are not inline with the US.  He was a KGB officer who felt the humiliation when the USSR fell.  He is a true patriot of Mother Russia, and he is willing to do anything to make Russia the top dog super power.  And he has another year of Obama to complete his triumph.  God Bless America, we need a saviour.

Below a tired looking, somewhat shocked Defense Secretary Ash Carter.



Below the “real” take on what is going on in the Middle East.

Source: Breitbart News



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