Putin’s Chess Game Leading to WW3

Russia and Syria have been long time allies.  Putin went to Syria, met with Assad and agreed to support him.  Obama has told Assad he needs to step down.  Because Assad has welcomed Russia into Syria, by giving them several bases of operation, Russia has returned the favor and “brought in new fighter-bombers, fighter jets, a complete war fleet”.

Putin has played Obama and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Now Putting has finally gotten up the courage to tell the United States and the rest of the Coalition fighting ISIS, to get the hell out of Syrian Airspace. And what is worse, is that thanks to Obama and his administrations ineptness, they have every right to do that. In addition, Russia has the legal right to shoot down any coalition aircraft, they find in Syrian Airspace. They also have the right to launch air and ground attacks on all the “moderate rebels” that the U.S. has been supporting and financing during the last year.

World War III could easily be right around the corner with these two squaring off.  But Putin has international law in his corner to regulate who can fly in the area of the Syrian border.

This will lead to a showdown between Russian forces and some coalition forces sooner or later. The only questions are which member of the coalition will Putin chose to confront, and how far it will go. The answer to the first question is “it will be a U.S. Aircraft“ so that he can once again show Obama to be a weak sister and coward.

Source: Universal Free Press

Russia has told the US to get out of way, and the US has not. although recently it stated that it can’t do much about what Russia is doing. Many have stated that WW3 will start in Syria. There are so many players in the region right now, it’s hard to imagine that at some point a clash will not take place sparking a global conflict.



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