Putin Threatens Turkish President: “he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists, I will make Syria a ‘Big Stalingrad’ for him!”

Putin Threatens More Incursions

The Russian president purportedly went into a long diatribe criticizing the Turkish foreign policy and its malevolent role in Syria, Iraq and Yemen by supporting Saudi-backed al-Qaeda terrorists, reported the Moscow Times, which escalated the conversation with the Turkish ambassador to a fierce polemic.

According to The leaked information obtained by The Moscow Times, the meeting between the Mr.Purin and Turkish ambassador was imbued with intense mutual resentment where Mr. Yardim has repudiated all Russian accusations, laying blame on Russia for Syria’s bitter and protracted civil war.  “..then tell your dictator president he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorist and I shall make Syria to nothing but a ‘Big Stalingrad’ , for Erdoğan and his Saudi allies are no vicious than Adolf Hitler,” replied Vladimir Putin in the 2-hour closed door meeting with Turkish emissary.

Putin then continued his lecture, saying Russia has no intention of abandoning the Syrian regime and that he will cooperate with Iran and China, Syrian allies, in an effort to find a solution to the civil strife being effected in the Syrian nation.  The bigger question is if this is an attempt by Putin to provide some stability to the region, or if it is just a continuation of his nation building activities.

Source: AWDNews.com



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