Putin Blasts Obama For Arming And Paying Mercenaries Who Become ISIS Fighters

Some say Putin is right on-but that if Putin is allowed to keep Assad in power, he will ultimately be the “leader” in Syria.  The argument that the Obama doctrine in the Middle East has been a disaster is valid, starting with his liberal friends backing and becoming the impetuous- utilizing social media, and having “leaders” on the ground, to stir the embers which “blossomed” into the Arab Spring.  More like the AstroTurf of “the Winter of our Discontent”- brought to you by the liberal crazies behind Obama and his election.

That is how it all started-now the grown-ups need to step up.  Although Putin’s right on the Middle East, and how we got there-let’s look at how Putin has become to be involved in Syria.  Russia does see the US as their major foe.

Let’s not forget that-although he speaks the truth here, remember the Crimea.  Russia is an imperialistic nation.  In fact, Putin met with Iranian Quds force leader Qassem Soleimani, on August 7th.  Russia and Iran are allies.

Putin was given the OK to go into Syria.  This is to exclude America from any and all influence in the region.  No matter how you feel about Obama-America needs to have some influence there.  With ISIS marching all over the Middle East, their final goal is to destroy the United States and Israel.  Obama’s legacy might just be how America lost influence in the region where we need it the most.

So listen to Putin in regards to the Middle East.  His take on how Obama got us there is accurate-his take on Russia not acting imperialistic is plain old double speak.  Russia wants to fill the vacuum left by America.  And Obama has another year in power.  This is not good.  This is a huge foreign policy conundrum.  Where’s Reagan when you need him?  Who running for President could fix this?



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