Proxy War Assassination?

Mikhail Lesin, former press secretary of Vladimir Putin and founder of Russian Times, has died of a heart attack that seemingly came out of nowehere.

Mikhail Lesin, who was Putin's press secretary during his first stint as president and founded state television network Russia Today, died aged 57 from a suspected heart attack.

Police were called to the upmarket Dupont Circle Hotel at about 11.30am on Thursday and found him dead. The Russian Embassy confirmed Lesin had died. 

Lesin owns multiple properties in Los Angeles worth at least $28million, arousing suspicions among officials who called for a money laundering probe.

Republican Senator Roger Wicker wrote a letter to then Attorney General Eric Holder in December 2013 saying Lesin had ‘multi-million dollar assets' in the US and Europe.

Source: The Daily Mail


The question remains: Why did Mikhail Lesin suddenly die? The truth is it is in the Obama administration's best interest if Mikhail Lesin was dead. He has long been accused as a sort of propaganda minister of the Russian government and, as is well known, the Obama administration doesn't take kindly to criticism. In fact, it's possible the murder was posed to look like aheart attack when in actuality it was a case of poisoning by a CIA weapon from the Cold War.

Mary Embree, a former CIA employee who worked in audio surveillance, admitted there was such a weapon that could induce a heart attack by delivering a poison shot from a gun.

“…One time, they [CIA] wanted me to find, um… to find out if there was such a thing as, um, as a poison that was undetectable, especially one that seemed to mimic a heart attack that would kill someone, but would appear that they had a heart attack. I did find such a thing.”

Find out more about the heart attack gun from the video below.

The Obama administration takes its authority deathly seriously. Obama might have had Mr. Lesin murdered so as to remove his criticism from the mainstream media. If this is the case, so far the scheme has worked.





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