Proof: Gun Control Promotes Genocides

There is nothing like hard facts to dispel stupid and dangerous ideas. The gun control advocates have cherry-picked and massaged their facts in order to promote their agenda. Do they do this deliberately because of some sort of fear of guns? Do they think that law-abiding armed citizens are more dangerous than armed criminals?

We don't know. Maybe they really have convinced themselves that they can achieve a safe and free world by ridding all citizens of guns. In the first place, such is not possible. More importantly, they invite tyranny. And yes, America is a great country, but that does not make us immune to the forces that have caused genocide in other nations.

Take a look at these statistics, and decide if you want the people of America disarmed:

And if you have not come across the information contained in the following video, now would be a great time to give yourself a brief, yet profound education.

The following is a horrific story of unspeakable atrocities committed against an innocent people. Could private ownership of guns have guaranteed this could not have happened? No. There are few guarantees in this life.

But an armed citizenry will make tyrants think twice. People can become incredibly brave when the safety of their families are at risk. And that leads to a lot of dead would-be tyrants. At least the innocents have a fighting chance of defeating or deterring those who would commit atrocities against them.

Let's make this all very clear:

We live in a word where unspeakable evil exists. That it is contained in its worst forms in America is a blessing, not something to be assumed is our birthright.

Hoards of people are dying every day at the hands of oppressors. Those people have a natural right to defend themselves. Had that right not been abridged by oppressive governments, many of those people would be alive today.

To bar peaceful citizens from the ownership of firearms is not only a form of tyranny, but encourages further tyranny.

In spite of what many of our liberal countrymen would like to believe, there is no way to legislate or regulate the country into peace and harmony. That's not to say that government does not have a role to play in keeping the peace. It does. But government efforts alone are insufficient.

While liberals might be horrified at the thought that Americans might ever have to stand up to tyranny in their own country, their wishes do not represent reality. And anyway, if no threats of tyranny present themselves, then those peaceful citizens can get on with their lives. The firearms they own will not be needed to stop a tyrannical government.

Then again, perhaps just the presence of firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens is enough to deter any would-be tyrants from executing their plans.

And as a by-product, murderous lunatics such as the Florida school shooter will find their rampages cut short — if they even have the courage to start on them in the first place.

The left is terribly wrong on this issue. Until they deal with reality and get themselves straightened out, they must be opposed.


Source: Daily Herald

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