Professor Dyson: Whites Should Pay into ‘Individual Reparations Accounts’ for System Injustice Against Blacks

It can be argued that America has become a nation of victims. It's a strange notion in that we're talking about one of the wealthiest nations in the world. That there are those who are disadvantaged is undeniable. Yet to assign victim-hood status to a group, and demand that the law provide for compensation to such a group is a dangerous and unworkable concept.

For one thing, not everyone in a group is disadvantaged so it becomes impossible to determine how to distribute reparations even if such a program were enacted. Some within the group might be doing very well, others very poorly. And those who are impoverished might be in that condition due simply to poor choices, a lack of motivation, or poor parenting. So determining who is a victim of “white privilege” and funneling reparations to those individuals is unworkable.

The other problem with this is that not all white people are “privileged.” And even those who appear to be so, may have achieved their position through hard work, random events, or the receipt of funds from family members who did work hard and achieved much. So, in this case, the problem is determining who is truly “privileged.”

Beyond that, this whole concept is based on assigning collective guilt to people who had nothing to do with the alleged offenses.  The argument for reparations implies specifically that the sins of the fathers must be atoned for by their children — in this case, their great-great-grandchildren. There is no justice in this whatsoever.

Finally, individuals, regardless of their race, can be and many are, victims of horrible atrocities for which no compensation will ever be made. History is filled with examples of pogroms carried out against people groups that make our stomachs churn. Singling out one specific ethnic group for reparations is to denigrate the severity of the suffering of the ancestors of millions of others.

Compensating today's African-Americans for the terrible policies and abhorrent practices of some white Americans, the worst of such practices were outlawed 150 years ago is utterly unworkable and inherently unjust.

Many of these arguments and more can be examined in the interview conducted recently by Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

Source: Fox News



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