Pro-Black Lives Matter, Anti-cop Professor Threatens Ben Shapiro and Conservative Students

Melina Abdullah is hardly the only professor at CSULA to abuse their position in service of a far-left agenda. Students have complained about at least one other professor, Robert Donald Weide, whom they say has threatened to commit violent acts against right-leaning students.

“The only threats with supporting evidence have come from leftists, including Professor Robert Donald Weide who challenged conservative students to a wrestling match, telling one commenter, ‘I lift, bro.' He also cryptically threatened to ‘macroaggress' campus conservatives in a bizarre message on his office door.

As Breitbart News previously reported, CSULA assistant professor Robert Weide tore down YAF flyers on a hallway bulletin board and called campus police as he accused a YAF staff member and conservative student affiliated with the CSULA chapter of making ‘death threats' to him.

Weide – who reportedly called the student group ‘fascists' and ‘white supremacists' – claimed the group was trying to ‘intimidate' him. The day after he called the police on the YAF representatives, he placed a sign on his office door that read: ‘The best response to a micro-aggression is macro-aggression.'

YAF recently tapped Shapiro to tour college campuses around the country to confront the resurgent campus radical left. His presentation – ‘When Diversity Becomes a Problem' – includes issues such as ‘trigger warnings, diversity, and microaggressions.'”

Source: Breitbart

Ben Shapiro vs BLM:



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