President Trumps Sends Dire Warning to 9th Circuit Court Judges

President Trumps Sends Dire Warning to 9th Circuit Court Judges

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is getting a lot of attention these days, but not the kind of attention it would like to receive!

For far too long, its nickname has afforded this court the type of reputation that courts in third world countries try to avoid.  It has been called the 9th CIRCUS Court directly due to its blatant Leftist leanings and is not a court focused solely on jurisprudence, but rather on activism, resistance to all things Republican, and changing the face of justice.

Nothing is more frustrating to American voters than when a single court located on the Left Coast appears to be thwarting all efforts to enforce federal and local laws that are important to these voters.

Donald Trump is finding out quickly as president how that frustration has been reaching a boiling point in reference to not only his ban on immigration to the United States from predominantly dangerous regions of the world, but also on enforcing federal immigration law by opposing sanctuary cities.

In recent weeks, his executive order docket has been challenged twice for the same piece of legislation and it doesn't appear anytime soon that the 9th Circuit Court will be listening to arguments from all sides…just the Left side.

For the president, the greatest frustration comes from the knowledge that the court appears to have managed to be using its activist judges to say “no” to every single Right-sided argument, even when these cases appear to be protecting the lives of American citizens.

The court is notoriously over-booked for its caseload.  With its 24 judges (18 of which were appointed by Democrat presidents) it is still unable to keep up with all the cases that have been piling up.  Cases from nine different states pour in to this infamous judicial body with expectations that they will be tied up for at least a year or more while the plaintiffs appear to be using this time to form a makeshift injunction for the protested action.

This court is also famous for another reason:  its overturned rate.  The 9th Circuit is the single most overturned court in the history of this country, possibly even the history of the world.  Its judgments have been pulled back in over 80% of the instances when it appeals to its solutions have been introduced to higher courts.

Donald Trump sat down with the Washington Examiner for an extensive interview and was asked about the possibility of changing the face of this court.

In no uncertain terms, Trump who is absolutely disgusted at the 9th Circuit Court's rulings against everything his administration has attempted to put forth, had a warning for the activist judges on this court.

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