President Trump Trolls Hillary on Twitter About “What Happened”

Hillary Clinton may be asking What Happened, but President Trump has no such questions.

The President re-tweeted a hilarious reader response to Hillary Clinton's upcoming book tour over the weekend proving once again why he won.

Hillary Clinton is launching a book tour with her memoir of her experience as the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

Hillary got shellacked by 77 electoral votes – 304 to 227.

VIP tickets for the upcoming book tour will cost you $2,375. She is a Clinton, after all.

On Sunday President Trump trolled the left by retweeting this response to Hillary’s book.

This is what the President retweeted,

Cue the liberal meltdown!

meltdownOf course, the President actually was getting things done and addressing serious topics on Twitter. It takes a truly great man to be able to make a joke or two to lighten the mood in times of crises, right?

Trump Trump getting shit done - stfu liberals

But, no the delusional crybabies had to keep screaming for a diaper change (impeach Trump) on grounds he was funny and a proficient leader in times of great turmoil.

Source: Gateway Pundit



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