President Trump Kicks CNN Reporter Jim Acosta Out of White House

President Trump Kicks CNN Reporter Jim Acosta Out of White House

Little Jimmy Acosta has a lot more to worry about than Keith Olbermann trying to keep the monthly payments up on his Mom’s basement.

While most big boy adult reporters ought to have been thinking of intelligent thought-provoking questions to ask the President regarding improving immigration standards and protocols, little Jimmy had his hands down his pants stroking his own ego with glee oblivious to the spectacle he was causing around him. But leave it to CNN to send out the worst, most pathetic names in news to get the scope on what is really going on in terms of immigration reform. The left doesn’t really care at all about immigrants. The safer it is for immigrants to come and assimilate, the better it is for both newcomers and citizens. Yet unless those immigrants come bearing knives and the desire to rape your wife and daughter, the left wants nothing to do with them.

During a White House event on Tuesday with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, President Trump was forced to expel little Jimmy from the room.

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