Pope Reprimands Emotional Mexicans Who Grab Him

The state of Michoacan has been hit hard by drugs, smuggling and trafficking carried out by waring cartels. In response to this, the citizens have taken it upon themselves to play the part of vigilante.

Breitbart Texas’ Sylvia Longmire reported in early December that the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) is one of the fastest growing—and most violent—criminal organizations in Mexico. This new cartel began as the armed wing of the notorious Sinaloa Federation. It operates almost exclusively in the Guadalajara area. According to InsightCrime.org, the CJNG arose after the 2010 death of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, the Federation’s representative in Jalisco and this unleashed a fight for succession.

The 79-year-old Pope Francis urged young people to resist the lure of easy money from dealing drugs, David Ono with ABC-13 reported from Morelia. He urged Mexico’s youth to value themselves. “Jesus, who gives us hope, would never ask us to be hit men,” he said.

Much like President Obama, Pope Francis is trying to play the part of foreign peacekeeper by visiting countries that will never stop being hotspots for violence, no matter how much you preach to them. Pray for these people, but know that the lure of easy money often results in bloodshed.

Source: breitbart.com



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