Pope Francis Honors Feminist Abortion Activist with the Pontifical Medal of Knighthood

Pope Francis is getting on bended knee to serve the powerful ‘progressive' lobby taking the helm at the Vatican.

The days of the Papacy pointing to our Kingdom in Heaven are no more.

Pope Francis, none to the wise by his earthly name Jorge Bergoglio, has decided to bestow a stanch Dutch pro-abortionist with the highest honor the Vatican can bestow, the Pontifical Medal of Knighthood.

Pope Francis has conferred the title of “Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great” on Lilianne Ploumen, a Dutch politician and vocal agitator for abortion rights.

Last year, Ploumen founded a pro-abortion organization called She Decides, which offers funding and support for international NGOs that provide, facilitate or campaign for abortion.

In an email to the Catholic Herald, Ms. Ploumen said that she was “very honoured” by the pontifical medal, which was sent via the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs last month.

Ms. Ploumen proudly boosts that is was the work of the ‘progressive' lobby that resulted in the Vatican acknowledging her work increasing women's access to abortion.

In an interview with Dutch radio, Ploumen said she views the honor as a sign of the pope’s progressivism, as well as acknowledgement for her work in supporting abortion rights.

Ms. Ploumen said that the award came after much personal investment in contacts with the Vatican, which she defined as “lobbying.”

Now Pope Francis claims that his honoring Ms. Ploumen for her life's work, [helping women gain greater access to abortion] has nothing to do with abortion.

“The honor of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great received by Mrs. Lilianne Ploumen, former Minister of Development, in June 2017 during the visit of the Dutch Royals to the Holy Father, responds to the diplomatic practice of the exchange of honors between delegations on the occasion of official visits by Heads of State or Government in the Vatican,” García said.

“Therefore, it is not in the slightest a placet [a mark of approval] to the politics in favor of abortion and of birth control that Mrs. Ploumen promotes,” she added.

But Ms. Ploumen and just about every other thinking homo-sapiens with an IQ over 5 feels differently.

Ms. Ploumen feels this clearly signifies the Pope's discreet approval of ‘progressive' values, as evidenced by her prior statements recorded above, and below.

“Yes, because you know, the Vatican, especially under prior popes, had a rather rigid attitude when it came to the rights of girls and women,” she said.

But under Pope Francis, this is all different. And sadly the ones who will be paying the most for the New World Order takeover of the Vatican is the children.

No wonder even Vladimir Putin is regarded to hold this Pope in very low regard.

Source: Breitbart



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