Police Arrest Target Peeper

The hits keep on coming to sully the Target name.  The retail giant began its self-destructive re-branding, of what once was a family friendly place to shop, to a store known for its protection of men wearing dresses in the ladies restroom over the safety of women and children.

With numerous sexual assault charges coming to light at Targets across this nation, the store has suffered via a massive boycott and deep financial losses.

This is bad publicity for the store and will continue to be so, as more incidents will most likely occur.  The backlash against the Target policy is hitting them financially as well.

Target’s financial losses, Truth and Action noted, as a result of their transgender bathroom escapade, have been significant.  In mid-April, the store made this statement:  “We welcome transgender team members and [customer] guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”  Yet, this revolutionary policy has resulted in a $5 billion loss since April.

Yet another pervert has been found and arrested for inappropriately looking at women while they shopped.

Officer James Woodley “learned that a male subject posing as a shopper was inappropriately looking at female shoppers by use of a hand-held mirror,” said Torchia. That subject – Reynolds – “had the mirror in a basket that was then placed on the floor of the woman's clothing section. He would then use the mirror to inapproporately look at female shoppers as they browsed clothing on the racks.”

Police say they have arrested an Ocean Grove man for using a mirror to “inappropriately” check out women at a Target store.

Detective Lt. Timothy Torchia announced Thursday that township police and detectives from the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office arrested 56-year-old Julius G. Reynolds – who has already been to jail once for a privacy violation – after an April 30 incident at the Route 66 discount retailer.

Stay safe American woman and take your children shopping elsewhere.

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