Pitbull of Congress Trey Gowdy Chews Up Former DHS Secretary Johnson, Spits Him Out

After the hack of the Democratic National Committee emails, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, as well as officials from the FBI, the DOJ, and other intelligence community agencies, insisted that the “Russians” had been responsible.  Granted, not a one of these had proof positive that such was the case.  Oh, there were the stories leaked here, there and everywhere by the spigot of the intelligence community that was turned on full force on a daily basis about how there were signatures left behind on the data that indicated it was the Russians,  etc., etc., but there was never any real proof.

Why, you might ask?  Well, to put it bluntly, the server upon which all this data rested regarding the stolen emails and the hacking by the “Russians” was never turned over to any of the security offices in order for there to be a genuine microscopic view of what actually happened.  The question of who was responsible was still up in the air, unless you were relying on the word of unnamed, unconfirmed or anonymous sources who were “close to the investigation” when not a single person in these organizations where the leaks were taking place had ever actually viewed the server for evidentiary proof!

Sounds ridiculous?  Well, it sounded ridiculous enough to Senator Trey Gowdy that he grilled Jeh Johnson on such an issue.  The result was a stumbling, bumbling mess where Johnson appeared to act as if he merely trusted what everyone else had told him as “proof” of the hacking and went on his merry way.

Gowdy also went a bit into the whole issue of the taking over of the elections systems of each state. When I had hearkened back to a situation last year where questions arose about a very interesting exchange between Georgia's Secretary of State and the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson regarding cyber security of the state's elections systems, I began to delve into the possibility that perhaps the whole DHS “scanning” of different state's elections systems had something to do with the building of a perception by officials in the government that our voting apparatus was somehow subject to the insidiousness of the Russians' spy network.

What I believe was actually going on was that Obama had requested that DHS “designate” all states' elections systems as vital infrastructure under the sole jurisdiction of the federal government.  The memo was drawn up by Johnson and sent out to all the states' Secretaries of State.  These individuals, both Democrat and Republican alike, did not like the sound of this “designation” and chose instead to simply say, “No way, Jose!”

That was not what King Obama wanted to hear, so he issued a proclamation that all states' elections systems would be “designated” anyway, but a legal battle ensued, initiated by Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp.  Directly after this, Kemp's staff began to notice a massive uptick in “scans” on its system.  The scans were purposeful attacks on the elections systems looking for vulnerabilities.  His staff traced these “scans” to…THE DHS.  For the full expose on this story, please read the Truth and Action piece, Bloomberg: The Russians Have “Breached” 39 States’ Election Systems.

My contention is that Obama believed early on in 2016 that Hillary stood a very good chance to lose and began putting out these feelers to see how well received the story would be if the “Russians” were to blame for an elections system breach.  I believe that this was the intention all along, that the Obama administration was attempting to plant the seed in the public's and the press' minds that the systems were vulnerable and the “attack on our democracy” line was a fact.  But how to create it to be a fact without actual evidence of a breach?

Enter the decree by Obama to entice the DHS to begin scanning those states' elections systems who were not agreeing that all their networks should be under federal control.  These scans were purposeful and they were there to sow fear and doubt and to spur the Secretaries of State to panic just enough to seek the help of the feds with the ultimate goal of leading the states to cede full control to the federal government willingly.

Watch as Trey Gowdy attempts to get a straight answer out of this man who headed the DHS under President Obama.

It's good to see that our Pitbull of Congress is on his game and I hope that this matter will receive the full attention of this panel so that future federal attempts at the seizing of state's rights are thwarted.



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