Paris Terrorist Attacker Was Rescued From Sunken Migrant Boat

Paris Terrorist Attacker Was Rescued From Sunken Migrant Boat

The civilized world generally holds to certain codes of conduct which include extending help to the helpless and safety to those in desperate need of protection. It is therefore stunning to see the wanton, callous lack of mercy and compassion exhibited by radical Islamic groups such as ISIS, Al-Queda, Al Aqsa Brigade, Boko-Haraam, and a whole host of other terrorist organizations marching under the common banner of Islam.

Their willingness to kidnap, rape, and auction off young girls, to chop off the heads of men, women and children, and to send suicide bombers into crowded markets or businesses is completely outside the understanding of most rational and civilized people, and it is precisely because of the civilized world's code of conduct that the Islamic terrorist machine continues to roll forward without being adequately checked.

And to make matters worse, these same Islamic terrorists will use that code of compassion against the very ones who would be their saviors.

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