Pamela Geller Blasts Obama’s ‘Version of America’ as Shameful

Pamela Geller Blasts Obama’s ‘Version of America’ as Shameful

Anti-terrorism activist Pamela Geller took to the Internet again to rebuke President Obama, this time for suggesting that people opposed to his Syrian refugee settlement program only are because they're bigots. Nevermind, as Geller points out, the possibility that violent Islamic extremists might slip in with the incoming migrants and try to commit Paris-style attacks here. No, it's your unease about this that's the problem!

Not only does the President come across as naive, he also comes across as a hypocrite and out to destroy the nation. Denouncing Republicans for proposing “litmus tests” to determine the religious affiliation of refugees seeking to be resettled, Obama forgets his own brushing off of Geller's organization's, Stop Islamization of America, efforts to provide asylum to Christians fleeing the Middle East in 2011.

While Obama can lecture us about it's not “who we are” to turn our backs on people fleeing their countries, it definitely is who he is judging by his callous response to the plight of persecuted Christians.

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