Pamela Geller Blasts Obama’s ‘Version of America’ as Shameful

Adding insult to injury, Obama chides Americans, as he is so fond of doing, for daring to not agree with him. Wrapping himself up in the rhetoric of patriots, he suggests his opponents are the ones who are un-American, not him. This smug, self-righteousness on the president's part is too much for Geller to handle, and she unloads on him and his policies on Breitbart:

“Obama demands that we believe his lies. He insists that the refugees are fleeing the war in Syria when, in fact, four out of five of the migrants who have recently come to Europe are not Syrian. He insists that they are all fleeing war — how does he know? ISIS vowed last February to send a half-a-million-man army to Europe via refugee migration — and now they have done it. How does Obama know who they are and why they are coming? How can he possibly vet them, when he refuses to acknowledge the jihad ideology and scrubbed all counter-terror material of any mention of jihad and Islam? How can our intelligence agencies determine if they are jihadists?

Obama’s America — what is Obama’s America?

An America that supports BDS?

An America that abandons her allies?

An America that supports terrorism?

An America that partners with terrorist groups?

An America that denigrates America on the world stage?

That’s not America. That’s not American. Contrary to Obama’s claims, that’s what’s really shameful.”

If that's Obama's idea of “who we are,” count me out!




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