Pakistani Teenager Stoned to Death for Adultry After Being ‘Raped at Gunpoint by Her Cousin’

A 19-year-old Pakistani woman has been sentenced to death for being raped. Local courts ruled she enticed her rapist to attack and thereby the true criminal

The panchayat, which included the alleged rapist’s father, then found her guilty of adultery and declared her a Kari, or adulteress, the Express Tribune reports.

As a result the teen was sentenced to death by stoning or to be sold off, according to the Hindustan Times and Tribune.

The council decided no action needed to be taken against the alleged rapist.

The following day the woman and her father went to the police, who have now launched an official investigation.

An arrest warrant has now been issued for the members of the tribal council, and the woman taken to a refuge away from the village.

Women declared Kari are often executed by their own family in so-called honour killings to restore their reputation.

The Council of Islamic Ideology chairman, Muhammad Khan Sherani believes secular laws don’t apply to women’s rights in Pakistan.

Sherani added that, in the view of the council, women’s rights are well-protected under Islamic law, so no further legislation is necessary.

This young Pakistani woman’s story is not a rarity it is everyday life for women living under sharia law.

In 2012, 913 girls and women lost their lives because of an honor killing, according to a report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. The report found that 604 were killed after being accused of having illicit relations with men.

The power of sharia law is limitless. Few truly understand the reality. Once sharia law is implemented anything is legally possible and no going back without fighting a war.

Shariah courts have the authority to review any law for conformity with Islam and declare any offending statute to be null and void. References to Islamic principles can be found in rulings as varied as due process in administrative law, enforceability of contracts and even environmental regulation.

Human rights organizations need to stand-up and fight the root cause of these honor killings. These atrocities will continue to increase unless other countries stand-up and refuse to allow sharia law to exist and spread.

Source: Dailymail, PBS, CBS

Image: DailyMail




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