Orlando: Co-conspirators?

Orlando: Co-conspirators?

Certainly working as the puppet of Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch does the bidding of her master by reiterating the rhetoric, “this is not terrorism”.   Lynch indicated over the weekend that a transcript of Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen conversation with the 911 operator and negotiator would be released, but that it would excise all mention of his Islamic motivation and his commitment to radical Islam. Those words would be erased so as “not to give his radical tendencies voice.”This plan blew up in the face of the Obama Administration and the complete transcript was released.  When Lynch was questioned by Catherine Herridge about “Who's idea was it to edit the 911 transcript?” she responded, “…the goal was, of course, the greatest transparency as possible.  The initial thought was we did not want to provide a further platform for the propaganda of the killer?”

The Administration has attempted to paint Mateen as a lone-wolf and not carrying out the orders of ISIS and Syria.  However, there have been multiple eyewitnesses during the shooting at Pulse Nightclub that reported more than one shooter and not a lone actor at all.

Hear a witness who describes what he heard Mateen saying and why there may be a greater cover-up, on page two.

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