Oregon State Univ To Hold Segregated Retreats Based on White Privilege, Microaggressions, and Institutional Racism

In order to register for these retreats, the university requires attendees to disclose their racial identity, sexual orientation, preferred gender pronouns and whether or not they identify with any religious or spiritual practices. It's basically a recruitment course for liberals.

The university website showcases two promotional videos for the “Examining White Identity” and “Racial Aikido” retreats.

The video promoting the retreat for white students featured several OSU students and administrative staff members–all of whom are white–praising the “vulnerability” and “difficult conversations” that future participants will experience at the retreat.

Later in the video, Rachael Weber, an assistant director in OSU’s Division of International Programs, claims that the social justice retreats are just as important as the university’s core curriculum — which already requires students to take at least one course in “Difference, Power and Discrimination”.

Weber goes on to express her desire to require all incoming OSU students to attend the retreats, saying it would be “an amazing gift to the university and to the world.”

The video promoting “Racial Aikido” also features a handful of students and staff members–all minorities–discussing the retreat and praising its focus on “microaggressions.”

Rachael Weber is everything that's wrong with America. Requiring new students to attend these “retreats” where they mentally condition (brainwash) you into thinking like a liberal is inhumane and racist on so many different levels.

According to their ideas of white privilege, these retreats are just the first step towards creating white inferiority and black and hispanic privilege. Why can't we all just be equal? It's because this fight for “equality” isn't a fight for equality at all. It's a fight for superiority.

Source: dailycaller.com



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