Obama’s Playbook: Shame the Nation

Obama’s Playbook: Shame the Nation

There is an elephant in the room. It has been there for seven years, longer actually, but everyone is pretending they don't see it. The elephant is President Obama and his “sympathetic” and protective relationship with Islam. He grew up in a Muslim country, his father was a Muslim, and it appears that he attended a Muslim school for at least part of the time that he lived in Indonesia as a young boy. During his first presidential campaign, there were many who suggested that he actually was a Muslim, or at least he was a Muslim sympathizer. The left would have none of it, and Democrats, main stream media, educators, and every liberal that could shake off their marijuana stupor screeched that anyone even hinting such a thing was a bigot, an Islamophobe, and a Neanderthal, and also that it would not even matter if Obama was Muslim because the most important value for modern man, above character, honesty, or ethical behavior, is to be tolerant, and those who were not tolerant of Islam should shut up and slink off into the sunset, if not be arrested for a hate crime.

We have now had seven years of Obama, and he has continually tried to shame the nation about not overreacting to the crimes of Islam, or radical Islam, though he refuses to actually name the source when there is an outrage committed in the name of Islam. In the last few years it has gotten beyond weird as he bends and twists events to protect the “honor” of Islam. It was most forcefully shown early in Obama's first term when Nidal Hassan, a Muslim and U.S. army major, shot and killed 13 people on a Texas military base in 2009 while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great), and Obama declared that it was workplace violence and had nothing to do with Islam. Perhaps in an alternate universe that would make sense, and even after investigating Hassan's correspondence and other activities in which it was clearly shown that he was a “radicalized” Muslim, Obama continued to insist that it was nothing more than workplace rage. Sadly, the main stream media never called him out on it, and the Democrats obediently lined up behind him, endorsing the preposterous farce.

Now, in the shooting that took place this weekend in San Bernardino, we have a new example of Obama pretending that Islam is a peaceful religion and is peripheral to the ubiquitous violence that is found wherever Islam is located or growing.

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