Obama’s Plan to Disarm America

Obama Plan to Disarm America

Obama has stated that he is only concerned about the violence that is prevalent in the country. He has mentioned, for example, that 30,000 people are killed by gun “violence” each year in the U.S. It sounds like the streets are awash in gun battles, but the reality is that two thirds of those deaths each year are suicides, not shootouts in downtown Detroit.

He has suggested that 40% of guns are sold via a “gun show loophole” which allows private sales between individuals at these shows. The actual number is around 2%, with most sales being conducted by licensed gun dealers who are required by law to do background checks. He has suggested that there is significant purchasing of guns via the internet without any oversight, but the reality is most gun purchases via the internet are completed by the seller shipping the gun to a local gun dealer where the purchaser must go to personally go through a check and wait for their information to clear.

In other words, Obama is lying in claiming that there are huge numbers of guns being bought and sold without background checks. The exception is stolen guns traded and sold underground by criminals, which his new executive order does nothing to remedy.

One area of gun commerce that was not regulated was the occasional trading or gifting of guns between friends and family members who might want to transfer a gun that is no longer used, or perhaps a firearm that a father might want to give to his son. The federal law did not specify exactly how many guns an individual might buy or sell before the government would consider them a firearms dealer and require that they obtain a license to transact business.

But Obama made it clear that he is going to revise the number down, perhaps requiring an individual selling just one firearm a year to obtain a federal firearms license to make that transaction. Obtaining a federal firearms license can often take many months and cost as much as $3,000 annually, so the claim that he is not trying to confiscate individual weapons is specious and disgustingly dishonest.

Obama is simply going after anyone who is not a licensed guy dealer and opening up the door for midnight visits from the ATF to confiscate the weapons from an unsuspecting individual who gave a gun to their spouse, son or daughter without obtaining a hugely expensive license. That is the back-door Obama way to regulation.

The Obama administration announced during a conference call with reporters Monday evening that the president’s upcoming executive order may require somebody selling even a single firearm to obtain a Federal Firearms License.

During the call White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch explained the details of the order, which will be announced publicly by President Obama Tuesday at 11:40 a.m. The action, officials explained, would include guidance on how the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives will now determine who is “engaged in the business” of selling firearms under federal law and, therefore, who is required to obtain a license to sell firearms.

“ATF will make clear that whether you are ‘engaged in the business’ depends on the facts and circumstances,” Jarrett said. “On factors such as: whether you represent yourself as a dealer, such as making business cards or taking credit card statements. Whether you sell firearms shortly after they’re acquired or whether you buy or sell in the original packaging.”

“Numbers are relevant. The ATF and DOJ did not identify a magic number of weapons that makes you engaged in the business because that would limit their ability to bring prosecution.”

Jarret then said that selling as few as “two firearms” could require somebody to obtain a federal firearms license. However, later in the call, Attorney General Lynch revised that number down further. “It can be as few as one or two depending upon the circumstances under which the person sells the gun,” Lynch said.

In addition to the new guidance on who must obtain a firearms license, Valerie Jarrett announced that the president would require the Social Security Administration to begin the rule-making process for prohibiting certain Social Security recipients from legally obtaining guns, a move that could bar millions from legally owning firearms.

It is amazing that the nation did not throw this dishonest scoundrel out of office long ago. The complicit Democrat party members and the inept and pitiful main stream press have enabled Obama to push through his illegal and illicit schemes for seven years, allowing him to severely damage the nation and openly show his disdain for the will of the American people. This newest example is only one in a long line of outrageous executive overreach schemes and the Republican congress members should move to immediately quash Obama's dishonest gun grab.

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