Obama’s History of Scrubbing “Allah” from Transcripts

Bowe Bergdahl is the U.S. soldier who walked away from his base camp in the Middle East to join the jihadis, or to “find himself,” depending on who you believe. Several of his fellow servicemen were killed or wounded trying to rescue this man who did not want to be rescued. The Obama administration finally worked a trade in which five virulent Muslim terrorist leaders being held at Guantanamo Bay were traded for Bergdahl in one of the most vile and treacherous exchanges ever. Obama then Bergdahl come to the White House for a “return” ceremony that his father Robert attended. The official White House transcript recorded the exchange with Obama, and once again, key Islamic phrases were scrubbed so the American people would not hear what was really said.

To this day, the official White House transcript of a Rose Garden ceremony with the father of released soldier Bowe Bergdahl transcribes every word besides Robert Bergdahl’s Arabic declaration of “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.”  That means “In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate.”

In the video, Robert Bergdahl can clearly be heard making the declaration to Allah.

Yet, here is the relevant portion of the official transcript, as provided by the White House:

I’d like to say to Bowe right now, who is having trouble speaking English — (speaks in Pashto) — I’m your father, Bowe.

The “Pashto” is actually Arabic.

The mainstream press continues to insist that Obama has no special relationship with Islam, but evidence is clearly to the contrary. The continual effort to downplay Islamic terrorism or to hide the acts of jihadis operating in the name of Allah by Obama and his administration clearly indicates his “special” relationship with the religion along with its violent fruits taking place throughout the world. Democrats and the main stream media continue to insist that Obama's use of words, or his unwillingness to call Islamic terrorism by it's name, which is Islamic terrorism, is just his effort to not further inflame Muslims or to invite further violence.

What poppycock!

Islamic terrorists are already murdering thousands throughout the Middle East and selected areas elsewhere, and plans for causing death and destruction in Western countries are found frequently. Obama is a fake, from start to finish. He is overly interested in not offending Islam and in trying to separate the religion from the terrorism done in its name. The conclusion of where his loyalties truly lie is fairly easy to determine, in spite of the cover provided by a willing and duplicitous press.

Source: breitbart.com



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