Backlash after AG Lynch Edited Orlando Tapes to Remove References to Islam and ISIS

Backlash after AG Lynch Edited Orlando Tapes to Remove References to Islam and ISIS

The Obama administration is certain that we are stupid, and indeed, some of us are. Obama claims it does not matter if he calls Islamic terrorism by its proper name, which is Islamic terrorism. If he cannot identify in speech who the enemy is, how can he properly fight them?

Donald Trump is right, there is something fishy about this president and his relationship with Islam. Whether simply a sympathizer or an actual adherent to the religion, he seems to do whatever he can to cover and camouflage evil acts that are done in its name.

Several government officials have admitted that as soon as Obama took office, directives came down to remove words like jihad and radical Islam from official material such as FBI training manuals. It should have been a clear warning and a violation that the main stream media would have discovered and reported, but given their sycophantic adulation of “the one,” they have given him cover time and again. Imagine if a president had done the same to erase the connection between Christianity and a group of evangelicals blowing up abortion clinics, and you can envsion a steady diet of anti-Christian diatribes in the media along with a demand for the president to step down for supporting them. Not so Obama, and now he has shown his hand again. This time, however, it was so ham-fisted that it blew up in his face. Not that the media will condemn him for the subterfuge.

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