Obama’s History of Scrubbing “Allah” from Transcripts

Obama’s History of Scrubbing “Allah” from Transcripts

The mainstream media has a history of becoming indignant and irate when anyone questions their messiah, Barack Obama. One of the most contentious of issues even before the presidential election in 2008 was where Obama was born, and if he was a Muslim sympathizer, or indeed a Muslim. The common reaction was to ridicule and mock anyone who would suggest these things, and the subterfuge worked. Anyone who suggested that Obama was not born in the United States became derisively known as a “birther,” even though it was clear to anyone passingly familiar with Photoshop that Obama's birth certificate, when finally produced, had been altered or fabricated. The mainstream press shouted down anyone who questioned the document, and that was that.

In the same way, Obama's behavior has been more than bizarre when it came to dealing with Muslims. When visiting the Middle East, or when high ranking Middle East figures came to the U.S., he would bow. He would make excuses for murderous behavior, or restate known facts to give cover to Islamic terrorism. For example, when an Islamic terrorist opened fire on a Texas military base, all the while shouting Allahu Akhbar, Obama insisted that the murderous attack was “workplace violence,” even though the perp had a history of corresponding with Islamic jihadists and expressing his allegiance to Islamic terror.

In the most recent attack in Orlando by a Muslim terrorist who clearly was acting out an Islamic jihadist expression against gays and infidels, the Islamic terrorist had a recorded conversation with a 911 operator in which he repeatedly invoked Allah and Islamic terrorist leader Bagdadidi.  The administration chose to release a written transcript of the conversation which eliminated all references to Islam or Allah. It was one of the most preposterous and idiotic displays of religious bias ever. But it turns out the White House has a history of hiding the connections to Islam when they will prove embarrassing.

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