Obama’s Executive Plan to Transform American Minds

As they say on late night TV – But wait! There’s more!

Obama has gone way beyond and now has initiated another Executive Order in which he promises to employ psychological tactics and techniques in order to get the American people to comply with his administration. Yes, it is verifiable.

Excerpts of his latest self-granted power, Obama states that he will engage in the following actions while using the power of the Federal government to do so:

(ii) improve how information is presented to consumers, borrowers, program beneficiaries, and other individuals, whether as directly conveyed by the agency, or in setting standards for the presentation of information, by considering how the content, format, timing, and medium by which information is conveyed affects comprehension and action by individuals, as appropriate…

(iii) recruit behavioral science experts to join the Federal Government as necessary to achieve the goals of this directive…

(iv) review elements of their policies and programs that are designed to encourage or make it easier for Americans to take specific actions, such as saving for retirement or completing education programs. In doing so, agencies shall consider how the timing, frequency, presentation, and labeling of benefits, taxes, subsidies, and other incentives can more effectively and efficiently promote those actions, as appropriate. Particular attention should be paid to opportunities to use nonfinancial incentives.

Sec. 2. Implementation of the Behavioral Science Insights Policy Directive. (a) The Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST), under the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and chaired by the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, shall provide agencies with advice and policy guidance to help them execute the policy objectives outlined in section 1 of this order, as appropriate.

Source: The Common Sense Show

In order to effectively summarize Part One of this series, I leave you with the following quote from Obama’s self-declared power grab:

“…To more fully realize the benefits of behavioral insights and deliver better results at a lower cost for the American people, the Federal Government should design its policies and programs to reflect our best understanding of how people engage with, participate in, use, and respond to those policies and programs. By improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Government, behavioral science insights can support a range of national priorities, including helping workers to find better jobs; enabling Americans to lead longer, healthier lives; improving access to educational opportunities and support for success in school; and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy…”

The days cannot move fast enough…




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