Obama to Veto Bill Preventing Him From Paying Ransom Money to Iran

Unfortunately for Obama, nobody’s buying his malarky this time around. Senators like Marco Rubio and Mark Kirk maintain that the legislation is necessary because it will ban Obama from doing anything like handing over $400 million to Iran ever again:

“Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), a lead sponsor of the legislation to ban future payments to Iran, told the Free Beacon that he would continue to push the legislation, despite threats by the administration.

‘This effort by the President to defend his ransom payments to Iran at all costs amounts to doubling down on ‎a policy that has made Americans less safe,’ Rubio told the Free Beacon. ‘Democrats may be swayed by this threat, but I will continue to fight to prevent the U.S. government from sending taxpayer dollars to the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism.’

Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) told the Free Beacon Wednesday evening that the Obama administration is betraying U.S. victims of Iranian terrorism, who are owed billions under federal court rulings.

‘Under U.S. court judgments, Iran owes $55.6 billion to American victims of Iranian terrorism,’ Kirk told the Free Beacon. ‘The Administration should stop finding ways to send more cash to Iran, and start working to bring a measure of justice to American families whose loved ones were killed or injured due to Iran-backed terrorists.’

One source familiar with the matter said Iran prefers cash because it can more easily be used to fund terrorism.

‘There is no credible reason for the administration to oppose this bill. We already know, contrary to what the president initially said, that the administration can in fact wire money to Iran,’ the source said. ‘So why do we need the option to pay in cash? Simple. This money can fund terrorism, and there’s nothing we can do to know of stop it.’

The Obama administration maintains the legislation is ‘ill-advised’ and would ‘undermine U.S. obligations’ to Iran.”

Source: Free Beacon



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