Obama: Sports Teams Should Drop Native American Mascots

Obama: Sports Teams Should Drop Native American Mascots

WEE OO WEE OO! Can you hear them coming? Yes! It's the PC POLICE! Everyone, quick, hide your enthusiasm and good spirit by not enjoying yourselves and change the names of your baseball teams!

Yes, 50 years after the Civil Rights Act, the liberals still want to revoke anything that could be construed as double plus ungood, and what falls under that category is of course anything that they deem to be “problematic.” Barack Obama said last Thursday that the mascots of certain sports teams help to perpetuate inherent racism in America. Team names like “Redskins” or “Braves” are especially harmful to Native Americans who find the names demeaning or just flat-out racist. Of course, you'd never hear anything from Irish Americans about The Celtics, but then the Irish aren't so easy to paint as victims for the liberals.

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