Obama to Take the Fight Against Donald Trump Overseas

President Barack Obama is taking the fight against Donald Trump overseas, as he attempts to frame the potential GOP nominee before he's able to frame himself to international audiences.

“Going into next year, Obama will be speaking out against Trump, as he did indirectly in several pro-immigration speeches earlier this month… pushing back against Trump will be a central theme of Obama’s international engagement,” according to a Politico article.

“The nature of American politics is that all these statements are consumed around the world,” said deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes. “When there are statements that could present challenges in terms of perceptions of America’s openness to people of different faiths and America’s inclusiveness, the president is going to speak out on that.”

Obama’s divisive 2016 plan echoes his 2008 campaign, when he rallied foreigners to help defeat Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

In July 2008, for example, he gave an enthusiastically supported speech in Berlin. His globalist, not pro-American, message was wrapped and presented to the world — and to swing-voting Americans — by favorable media outlets, including the Guardian newspaper, which gushed:

“The loudest applause came when Obama, however subtly, offered himself as the coming antidote to all that Germans, Europeans, indeed most non-Americans, have disliked about the [President George W.] Bush era.

After listing a series of global problems, from genocide in Darfur to loose nukes, he declared: “No one nation, no matter how large or how powerful, can defeat such challenges alone.” It was a promise to end the unilateralism of the early Bush years, and the crowd could not contain their delight…

By common consent, tonight and the entire Obama week has been a huge success, generating priceless images for TV consumption back home and helping Obama cross the credibility gap — making it easier for Americans to imagine him as a player on the world stage.

The Obama camp is hoping the notion that the US will regain the respect of the world under a President Obama will persuade many American voters to back him.

Tonight’s pictures from Berlin will have further discomforted Obama’s Republican opponent, John McCain, who has struggled for media oxygen during a week of near-constant coverage of the Democrat’s grand tour.

The Guardian article was titled “US elections: Obama wows Berlin crowd with historic speech.”

The plan to integrate foreign opinion into the 2016 election complements Obama’s view of immigrants as part of the progressives’ domestic political coalition, and his view that America’s power can be used as a political battering-ram for progressives’ worldwide political ambitions.

Don't fret yet, attacks against Trump have seemed to do nothing but elevate Donald's status in the race. Maybe Obama's pitiful attempts to stop Donald overseas will do the same outside of the United States.

Source: Breitbart



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