Obama Shadows Trump with Visits to World Leaders

You may not like President Donald Trump, but the fact remains that he is the agent of true change for the United States, much to the chagrin of the former president who ran on a promise of presents for every American in their stockings, lowered sea levels, cleaner water, and more abortions on demand!

With Wall Street on a magnificent roll, unemployment down to levels not seen in decades, welfare and food stamp rolls also declined to a point where the fraud is finally being pried loose from government offices that once wallowed in corruption, Americans getting tax relief soon, illegal aliens being captured and deported in numbers that can only be called amazing, police officers, border patrol agents and soldiers in our military receiving respect and admiration from the White House rather than rebukes and calls for their federalization, Christians receiving more protection from Leftist Christophobes, ISIS all but kicked out of the Middle East, Israel safer than ever before, and challenges to bully tinhorn leaders like Kim Jong-Un and Ayatollah Khomeini resulting in inaction and cowed silence, Donald Trump has much to celebrate, despite a Congress on both sides of the aisle unwilling to concede that he was elected with a mandate.

This has noticeably driven Leftists insane with envy, wrath, and violent threats of assassination, and has placed Barack Hussein Obama in the position of spoiler.  There's only one problem:  Obama cannot be a spoiler if no one will listen to him.

And that, my friends, is driving him completely over the edge!  His latest move is to shadow the REAL President of the United States to the Far East.  After a very successful and jubilant trip to Asia, Donald Trump returned with many congratulations on his many meetings abroad.  That was too much for the man who has never faced hostile media, so BHO smoked a butt and then texted his personal assistant, Valerie Jarrett, to contact the press and announce his upcoming trip to China, India and France.

Former President Barack Obama will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an upcoming trip abroad.

Obama will visit China and India before making a stop in Paris, according to a spokesperson for the former president. Obama will speak at various summits in the three countries he visits.

The Times of India last week reported that Obama would be in India’s capital city of New Delhi on Dec. 1 for an Obama Foundation event, which the spokesperson confirmed in a statement.

President Trump recently concluded his own five-nation tour of Asia, in which he met with both Xi and Modi during the 12-day trip. 

Obama’s trip to India will come shortly after first daughter Ivanka Trump’s visit to the country.

Trump, a White House senior adviser, met with Modi during the eighth Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad.

So, apparently, even the First Daughter is way too much competition for the ex-president, whose legacy is vanishing faster than men in Hollywood with a clean record.

Obama's trips to both China and India are more obvious than his trip to France.  For China, the trip is about being able to undermine the progress that Trump has made with that country in so far as economics are concerned.  Trump has pulled off some of the outrageous business deals with China that Obama had only dreamed about and he is not about to allow that to stand.  Let's also not forget that Trump has managed to separate China from North Korea not by threats of sanctions, but through an assurance that the US will stand by China when it inevitably parts ways with the rogue Communist nation that has done so much to embarrass Beijing over the last few decades.  China has been looking for just the right president to help them abandon this maniac on the Korean Peninsula and Trump demonstrated that his no-nonsense approach to foreign policy was exactly on point.

As for India, it's obvious that Obama, who never really had a stellar reputation with the Indian people and primarily ignored them in deference to both Pakistan and China, resulting in very bittersweet and, at times, distant and chilly reception.  With Ivanka Trump's very successful trip, Obama's head has been pulsing with veins the size of the chip on his shoulder for this country.

Finally, there's France.  Why Paris?  One, it's about the Paris Climate Accord, from which the United States has withdrawn for reasons that are obvious to anyone with half a brain.  Since he is well aware that CNN, MSNBC and all the rest of the Fake News Industrial Complex will be sending along with him a bevy of giggling, nervous reporters to document and enshrine his every thought, word and deed, he knows that the highlight of his bashing Trump and bashing the US will be top-of-the-hour headlines for a week.  That strokes his ego.

The second part of this trip, however, is more dire.  Recently, there are ruminations that both France and Germany are experiencing the undermining effect of Trump's election through a “far-Right” resurgence in the countries that are threatening the very existence of Progressivism and the European Union.

In Brussels, EU leaders worry over the ineffectual leadership capabilities of Macron in Paris, being that he is a relative neophyte politician with little experience.  Much like Barack Hussein Obama when he became president, Macron is finding it difficult to contain the nationalist pride and French cultural spirit that drives their populace to reject mass Muslim immigration.  Due to his inexperience, again just like Obama, he is unable to address these issues with any real, solid resolution outside of just complaining about White European racists who won't usher in the 21st century with acceptance of being second-class citizens to the Arabian Caliphate in Europe.

Then there is the German formula that is collapsing before their very eyes.  Obama BFF Angela Merkel is on the verge of either ruling ineffectually over a minority party OR calling for new elections in 2018 that will most likely either end in an even greater trench for her party, or her complete ouster.  The long-term survival of the European Union hinges on England, France and Germany.  With Great Britain ready to bow out, stage Right, the other two will bear the brunt of an economic crunch that is nearly too much to bear.  The rest of the 28 member nations will have some serious weight to adjust and deeper digging to pull out a victory here.

Obama's primary goal by visiting France is to use his perceived influence there among European citizenry to cause the Leftists to rise up and take back their countries.  Remember that the recent string of European struggles, economically and politically, are directly related to both Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama's inability to get rid of Donald Trump.  The rising tide of discontent in Europe is linked to both Brexit and the election of Trump.  The Democrats in the United States have European blood all over their hands.

Will Obama's speeches attempt to rile up the citizens to the point of Antifa rioting?  We're not sure.  What is sure, however, is that while Obama is basking in the rays of the European and American Leftist media, he will possibly be missing out on the passage of a Republican Tax Plan that further undermines everything his fragile and jaded presidency stood for and against which he vehemently stands.

Source:  The Hill

Image: London Summit



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