Obama Seizes 500,000 Acres In New Mexico – A Nice Meeting Place For Criminals

Obama Seizes 500,000 Acres In New Mexico – A Nice Meeting Place For Criminals

Obama declared half a million acres in New Mexico to Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument this past year, right before the immigrant surge.

It will be impossible to keep drug cartels from using the land, but seeing how Obama likes the cartel so much that he gives them guns, well it’s surely part of the plan (surely you’ve heard of Fast and Furious).

What is happening on this land with illegals and criminals?

“This is about opposing so many thousands of acres that is going to create nothing more than a pathway for criminals to get into this country to do their criminal acts,” stated Dona Ana County Sheriff.

Sheriff Garrison points out that this will shut down roads that his department uses to patrol the land.

“My fear is these areas will be used more than they are now because they’ll have access to it that will be private and closed off to every law-abiding citizen,” the sheriff said. “I believe this monument will hamper law enforcement’s ability to effectively patrol the area we need to patrol.”

Most all drugs coming into this country enter through federal lands along the southern border, as Congressman Bishop points out in the video below.

This land grab will also cut off grazing rights for many ranchers, which is a double bonus for Obama.

So now the criminals in Mexico and the criminals in Washington have new place with which to do business.

In the great big give-away to environmentalist organizations and the tourism industry, Mr. Obama has designated half a million acres to Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument under the 1906 Antiquties Act, though half the land will remain a wilderness area. Republicans in Congress suggested he designate 50,000 acres to the park but Mr. Obama rejected that in favor of this enormous land grab along the Mexican border. It will be impossible to keep the drug cartels from using the land as a refuge and a portal for smugglers.

He has the support of the two Democratic senators of New Mexico.

This land grab will also shut off grazing rights for many ranchers. It will take the land off the tax rolls and out of potential developers hands which falls in line with the goals of The Wildlands Project. The Wildlands Project plans to preserve half the land in the United States for plant life and animals. Humans will of necessity be moved into congested urban habitats.

The Organ Pipe land in Arizona is already filled with drug dealers and it’s almost identical to the planned New Mexico park. The forest fires being started in these areas are almost always started by the bad guys to either distract the border patrol or to be rescued.

There is no way to protect the area from cartels and potential terrorists. There is no doubt that this is the case because the land is already a haven for them.

The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument had the following warning posted on its website “Due to our proximity to the International Boundary with Mexico, some areas near the border are closed for construction and visitor safety concerns.” The warning goes on to list roads that are closed indefinitely to vehicle traffic. It also noted on another page that “visitors should be aware that drug smuggling routes pass through the park.”

Both of those pages have been taken down.

However, I was able to get a 2008 screen grab of the website page from The Wayback Machine:

website page

The next is a screen grab of the border concerns page from The Wayback Machine in February 2012:

Border Concerns

It would be crazy for tourists to hike and travel through it without armed guards. That holds true of the Arizona park and it will hold true of the New Mexico park.

U.S. Border Patrol will have some access to the land but most routine patrols through the wilderness will be banned. They will be allowed to pursue smugglers if it is a hot pursuit.

The tourism Mr. Obama hopes to promote will involve traveling through what will be a dangerous park and anyone who goes without armed escorts is a fool.

The land will be monitored by the Bureau of Land Management which means we will have to get some new signs printed up like this one on the Arizona-Mexico border:

BLM land

The land is under the complete control of the Mexican drug cartels.

Rep. Rob Bishop, a Utah Republican who has studied the issue, argues that the environmental restrictions have indeed hurt the Border Patrol’s ability to do its job. He asked Mr. Obama to hold off until the border can be controlled but it was a pointless effort. Mr. Obama knows of the problem and does not care.

Rep. Bishop cited an attack that a National Park Service employee at Arizona’s Chiricahua National Monument suffered last year at the hands of drug smugglers but Mr. Obama doesn’t care about that either.

Expect more of this. It’s part of the pen and phone dictatorship and Mr. Obama has only just begun.

Last June, Rob Bishop reported about the hole through the U.S. Wilderness that is both a refuge and a portal for drug cartels and terrorists.

Most drug cartels and terrorists cross our borders through federal wilderness. Border agents can’t pursue them because our government is afraid law enforcement will interfere with the wildlife. Pronghorn goats are of particular concern. The goats don’t stop the criminals, however, and they – the criminals – are destroying the habitat. The US federal lands are now too dangerous for Americans to enter.

The most frequented route for drug cartels and terrorists is through federal lands. Border agents are not allowed to follow illegal criminals into US federal lands because the government in their wisdom feels law enforcement might harm some animals or plants with their vehicles. The criminals of course don’t care and have made a home there.

Source: independentsentinel.com
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