Obama: Right Wing Radio and Some Cable Stations are Telling Lies about Economy

Obama: Right Wing Radio and Some Cable Stations are Telling Lies about Economy

Ronald Reagan was a sunny optimist, and his optimism often helped move the nation towards a better outcome. Barack Obama will tell a tale of his achievements and successes with a positive spin and he simply comes off as delusional. It is almost as if he believes his own schtick, and he should be embarrassed, but he is not.

As for failure, it seems impossible for Obama to accept any responsibility whatever, even when something he has done has clearly failed. It is fortunate for him that he has the mainstream media, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and national newspapers such as the New York Times, LA Times, and USA Today that will slavishly and adoringly repeat his every tall tale, all the while claiming objectivity and ethical journalism.

All you can do is laugh. Whenever Obama is exposed as a liar and a fraud, which happens often when actual journalism breaks out in non mainstream media, he is incensed and calls foul and becomes angry. It is amusing that some media folks are calling Donald Trump thin-skinned when Obama has shown he is way more sensitive and prickly than Trump will ever be, and he has shown Trump a thing or two about boasting and taking credit for accomplishments that were not his or were non-existent.

Obama was once again whining about “right-wing radio,” whose success has only been possible because the mainstream media would not tell the truth and had simply become a propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

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