Obama Releases 30,862 Foreign Criminals Onto American Streets, To Be Used In Martial Law Against Populace

Last year ICE released 36,000 violent criminals onto our streets, i.e., murders, rapists and kidnappers. Their follow-up of 30,862 criminals released this year  places over 60,000 immigrant criminals into our society.

When a nation collapses, unless leaders take the nation to war, governments have been known to use foreign troops to quell a rebellious population. Obama has been reducing our troop numbers, firing 30,000 soldiers over the next 17 months, and at the same time he’s allowing a ‘limited number’ of undocumented immigrants into our armed forces.

Of course, these undocumented illegals won’t be illegal for long. And when it hits the fan in this country, he will be allowing an unlimited number of these criminals into our military to the be used against Americans. He might have a harder time justifying that if they are in jail, so they are on our streets and ready for recruitment.

The Washington Times reports that Obama plans to use the military against us citizens. The vast majority of American troops won’t fire on Americans, but millions of newly drafted immigrants, including known violent immigrant criminals, and an untold number of Muslims, will…

American gun owners have yet to form a unified fighting force and our militias are being taken down with FBI infiltration.

How will millions of lone gun owners fair against a militarized group with hopes of land ownership of American soil in their eyes?

A copy of the federal document “Fiscal Year 2014 ICE Enforcement and Removal Operation Report” can be viewed here.

How many Muslim terrorists currently reside in the U.S that will certainly welcome the day that they can unite and attack us within our borders?

We already know of 22 Islamic training camps that the U.S. government permits to continue to function:


“Immigration enforcement has been destroyed by this President,” Sen. Jeff Sessions said in a Dec. 5 statement.

Americans “must understand the situation can be remedied: if the public elects officeholders who will demand enforcement—at the worksite, the welfare office, and all ports of entry—the lawlessness can swiftly be ended,” he said.

During fiscal 2014, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement repatriated 315,943 people.

But two-thirds were foreigners caught at the border, and 86,923 were resident illegals caught in major criminal activity.

Obama’s deputies repatriated only 6,466 people who didn’t reach Obama’s high thresholds for deportation — committing felonies, being a national security threat or being a recent border crosser, according to the document.

The report suggested that 636 of the 6,466 were sent home on the advice of probation officials, and another 2,802 of them were gang members.

Enforcement was so lax that 129,921 illegals — including 30,862 criminals — were released back into American neighborhoods rather than being sent home.

“To both comply with current detention-focused laws and court decisions and ensure available detention space for border enforcement activity and national security/public safety efforts, ICE also released 129,921 aliens from custody, 30,862 of whom were convicted criminals,” the report said.

Overall repatriations are down sharply, to 315,943 in 2014, from 409,849 in 2012.

Roughly 130,000 Central American migrants crossed the border in 2014, including roughly 66,000 adults and children in so-called family units.” Only 852 of those individuals were sent home — the rest were invited to apply for green cards, attend schools, take jobs and receive some federal aid while their cases are resolved by courts over several years.

The document said 56,029 “unaccompanied children” were taken into custody. Of those, 1,901 were repatriated.

Source: dailycaller.com


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