Obama Poll Numbers Plundge

Obama Poll Numbers Plundge

President Barack Obama seems to have an exceedingly difficult time understanding how the American people feel about Middle East terrorism or even recognizing the seriousness of it. It is almost bizarre how he has twisted himself into verbal contortions in order to avoid connecting the word terrorism with the word Islam. But the reality is that the terrible path of death and destruction now being spread throughout the world, including in Europe and the United States, is proudly imposed by Islamic terrorists.

In a Google search on known terrorist groups, there are no less than 100 which include Islam in their roots. But as Obama seeks to pretend that Islam is somehow not connected with world terrorism, he is now paying a political price as polls show his popularity slipping and support for his policies waning.

Obama recently attended a climate change summit in Paris, and he insisted that climate change is the most pressing threat we face today.  He also claimed that dealing with climate change would somehow be a repudiation of the terrorists and what they were seeking to do to the world.

It was one of the more bizarre and nonsensical statements made at the conference, and clearly not in line with popular thinking, as only 7 percent of Americans rate climate change as their most pressing concern.

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