Obama Pays Mexico $75 Million to Build a Border Wall

Obama Pays Mexico $75 Million to Build a Border Wall

There are few, if any, proposals that Donald Trump has made that have been more controversial and that have created more heated debate than his promise to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico to reduce illegal immigration.  It's an idea that drives liberals mad.  Hillary Clinton rails against it.  Barack Obama ridicules it.  And to add to that, Mexican officials claim to be offended by it.

It's really a pretty simple, common-sense idea.  People from Mexico, and who knows where else, stream into the U.S. illegally by crossing our border with Mexico, frustrating efforts by immigration authorities to do their jobs and enforce the law.  So, we erect a “wall,” which may actually consist of a real wall in places, or a very aggressive fence complete with sensors in other places.  Remember the saying, “fences make good neighbors?”

As we've all observed, this proposal of Trump's to build the wall has the liberals furious including Mr. Obama.  And this is what makes the latest twist in this story so incredible.

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