Obama: Middle Class Build on Unions

The White House hosted the Worker Voice Summit on Wednesday and Obama was in full socialist leaning, union supporting, swing when he addressed the guests.

“I believe when people attack unions, they’re attacking the middle class,” the president said. “In today’s economy, we should make it easier for people to join unions, not harder.”

His statements were aimed at those states that have right-to-work laws that protect the individual from being forced to pay mandatory union dues and fees that are conditions of employment.  Obama seems to think that this hurts the middle class, yet the middle class in 25 states voted for this provision.

Obama said that those who are “average workers” (that is disparaging in and of itself) will be left behind without union help.

As the economy begins to recover and technologies become more innovative, the president claimed unions are the best way to make sure average workers aren’t left behind.

So, without the union, the middle class, you know, the average workers of America, will get left behind.  They are unable to find success without the union, right?

Maybe Obama needs to experience a union job, one where his dues get him nothing and his wages can be rescinded based on union contracts and negotiations.   We'll see how he likes his union label then.

Source:  Daily Caller




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