Obama Mass Shooting Bill: Media Not Allowed To Report Names of Shooters

If anything can stop a sick individual to engage in mass carnage, many have cited the root cause which is mental health.  A person who engages in these thoughts obviously are unstable, and loners.  Forensic psychologists who study the behaviors and signs which these individuals display tells us there is a sort of pattern to their background.

Reality is there is no catchall to prevent these shootings.  The passing of a bill to not name the shooter will do nothing to stop these shootings.  Preventative measures would entail at least educating those in mental health to alert authorities if they feel a certain patient is displaying behavior at risk.  People do slip through the cracks, yet, if something is to be done, it is common sense to go to the cause.

From Obama’s remarks:

“Today I’m proud to announce the ‘Mass Shooting Bill’, which will prevent the media and it’s coverage from naming the suspect or perpetrator in horrible tragedies like the recent Oregon shooting. If it is some kind of sick fame these individuals desire then that fame is what will be denied,” Obama told reporters. “With the shooting in Oregon, it is important to remember the 9 innocent lives that were lost that day. We must think of heroes like Chris Mintz, who was shot seven times while saving lives and survived, all on his son’s sixth birthday. We must forget the killer.”

Rand Paul had this to say:

“This goes against the 1st Amendment and everything the founding fathers envisioned for this great country,” Paul said. “Working alongside with other members of Congress, I promise you that we will get this law repealed.”

The bill goes on to say:

Under the new law, media outlets will face fines of up to $100,000 for naming in print, online, or over the airwaves, the suspect in a mass shooting, which is categorized as the murder of four or more people with no cooling off period.

This bill is ridiculous. Its lawmakers, who are out of touch, make a feeble attempt to make themselves feel better, and point to this bill with those screeching about gun control to say “we are doing something.”  This is the consequence of a do nothing Congress, patting themselves on the back, “we really took care of that issue, now those planning mass shootings will stop as they learn they won’t be mentioned”.

I’m sure those sick individuals are news watchers, and when they learn they won’t be named, will go back to playing “Warcraft” and kicking the family dog, dismissing their obsessive thoughts they cannot control.

Source: NBC



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