Obama: If we don’t act on Climate Change, Manhattan will be ‘Underwater’

Obama: If we don’t act on Climate Change, Manhattan will be ‘Underwater’

When you listen to the things that come out of President Obama’s mouth, you can’t help but wonder if he really believes what he says or is just desperate to pander to the most absurd elements of his party’s base.

Take his recent remarks at a Democratic fundraiser in New York, for instance. Knowing that the success of the event depended on how willing the attendees were to open their wallets, Obama probably realized he had to hit all the talking points to make them do just that, reiterating the need to rally around the party and unite to defeat the GOP.

Noxious as these comments were, they were nothing compared to the whopper he dropped about that favorite pet cause of liberals, climate change. Doing his best to evoke the alarmist hysteria environmentalists regularly deploy to get others to cave into their agenda, the president claimed that we need to heed the wishes of the scientists and “majority of people” who want to address the issue or else – get this – Manhattan will end up underwater.

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