Obama: If we don’t act on Climate Change, Manhattan will be ‘Underwater’

President Obama's wild prediction that Manhattan will end up like Atlantis may be one of the most ludicrous incidents of Democrats resorting to apocalyptic fearmongering in support of “raising awareness” of climate change, but it is hardly the first of it's kind.

Al Gore, who has done more to popularize the narrative of global warming than any other politician, infamously predicted ten years ago that the planet would “reach a point of no return…” within the next ten years:

“'The bad news is that our politics has been a little screwed up lately,' he said, pointing to the Republican party’s nomination process.

But he urged his donors to help the Democratic party organize against Trump.

‘We got to get busy and we got to organize, and we got to work,' he said. ‘And the only way we do that effectively is when we have support from folks like you.'”

Source: Breitbart



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