Obama Has Made Race Relations Worse, Majority States

The Rasmussen poll found that just 20 percent believe that Obama has succeeded in breaking down racial divisions, while a further 27 percent think he has had no impact on the situation whatsoever.

Perhaps even more damning for Obama’s legacy is the finding that only 44 percent of black voters feel that there has been an improvement in racial harmony in America under Obama.

A majority of whites, 54 percent, say that Obama’s actions have created greater racial tension. Twenty-one percent of blacks and 38 percent of other minority voters believe this to also be the case. Source: Rasmussen Data

The GOP presidential candidates were quick on job. Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz all lambasted Obama for creating greater racial division across the US.

“Instead of hope and change, we’ve seen racial tensions worsen and a tendency to use law enforcement as a scapegoat,” Walker wrote in a recent op-ed.

Cruz noted that Obama “has made decisions that I think have inflamed racial tensions – that have divided us rather than bringing us together,” adding that “he has exacerbated racial misunderstanding, racial tensions.”

Trump recent charged that “Obama is the great divider, he has totally used race. And it should have been the other way around.”

“He had an opportunity to unify and he didn’t do that,” Trump said, adding that race relations are “almost as bad as they have ever been in the history of the country.” Source: Rasmussen

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