Obama, Kerry Palling Around with Communists While Brussels Under Attack

It was bad enough that Barack Obama was talking about how he welcomes criticism from totalitarian dictators, and said that he “personally would not disagree with [Castro]” on his criticisms of the United States.  But it gets worse.  Another administration official was meeting with a group even more dangerous than the Castros.

Secretary of State, John Kerry sat down for meetings with the left-wing Colombian terrorist group, the FARC.  The FARC uses Cuba as neutral ground in “negotiations” with the Colombian government.  Obama and Kerry decided to give legitimacy to a group responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths over the last half-century.

The Daily Caller discussed Obama’s delusional optimism in his ability to save his failed legacy by brokering a peace between the groups before Tuesday’s meeting.

Kerry joined President Barack Obama on his trip to meet Cuban President Raul Castro in Havana. It is unclear if Kerry will meet with Colombian FARC — Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia — rebel negotiators and their Colombian government counterparts at the same time or separately, according to Colombia Reports. Obama stated during his press conference with Castro that he was “optimistic” that Colombians could “achieve a lasting peace.

It appears that the only win in Cuba for the United States today was by the Tampa Bay Rays.

Source: The Daily Caller


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