Obama To Issue Executive Order For More Gun Control

Obama To Issue Executive Order For More Gun Control

President Barack Obama needs to shut the hell up!  When the tragic news spread of a massacre committed by three disguised assassins hit the airwaves on Wednesday, Obama could barely wait to grab a microphone and start talking about the evils of guns.

There was no information about about the shooters, their motives, and for awhile, even their whereabouts, though one could surmise by the modus operandi of the killers that it was not a robbery. It was carefully planned in advance, and it was not personal, it was ideological.

So what were Obama's first thoughts? It could very well be workplace violence, and we need to get the guns away from the public!

Obama and fellow Democrats keep conjuring up ways to disarm the American public, such as Diane Feinstein's bill to prevent people on the “no-fly” list from buying guns, in spite of the many errors of who ends up on the list, and disregarding Feinsteins own armed security people protecting her at all times.

For liberals there is no such thing as introspection or personal hypocrisy.  Republicans also blocked Senator Joe Mancin III's bill to tighten the background check system, which Democrats repeatedly say is too lax.

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