Obama: I’m “Not Quitting” the Presidency, I’m “Being Forced Out”

At first, Obama seemed to take Feherty’s joke in stride, retorting that he would have to improve his game since he is “quitting” his day job after all. But he suddenly struck a very self-conscious chord as he made it a point to say he was “being forced out”, not quitting, before returning to the subject of golf and concluding that the reason for his poor game was “psychological.” Indeed Mr. President, indeed:

“‘Well then I may get good,’ Obama replied grinning, before adding, ‘I’m being forced out, I didn’t quit.’

Obama says he has a golf handicap of 13, calling his irons ‘good,’ his drive ‘straight but unimpressive in length,’ his putting ‘decent,’ his chipping, ‘ok,’ but adding his sand game as ‘terrible.’”

Source: Breitbart



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