Obama hosts Princes from Saudi Arabia — who executes gays — in Wake of Orlando Attack

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others on the left have pandered to the LGBT community in recent years by telling them that only Democrats will fight for their rights.  However, it is hard to take them seriously when both politicians have such strong ties to leaders and countries who behead and hang homosexuals on a daily basis.

Less than a week after the Orlando terrorist attack, where an Islamic jihadist killed at least 49 people in a gay night club, President Obama met with princes from Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for its state-sanctioned violence against gays.

Obama hosted youthful Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman today at the White House to apparently discuss the fight against terrorism, according to AFP.

The visit took social media by storm, as gays in Florida were gunned down days ago by an Islamic extremist, while Saudi Arabia continues to punish gays with the death penalty.

Perhaps the Democratic Party is the party that will fight for the rights of people with a Y chromosome to use  women's restrooms, but gays may have to look elsewhere to find a party that will protect their rights not to be murdered.


Source: BPR




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