Obama Federalizes Local Police Force In Six US Cities

In the newest outrage circumventing the U.S. Constitution, President Barack Obama just announced a federal government scheme to diminish and overwhelm local law enforcement, starting with six key cities which in essence will have their local law enforcement federalized by programs imposed from Washington. The administration will establish funding ploys that punish non-compliance and incorporate federally mandated programs.

Throughout Obama's time in office there have been whispers about his plan to federalize local law enforcement and questions about the increasing power and authority given to federal agencies such as Homeland Security. Those concerns have always been ridiculed by the Administration and the press as paranoid flights of fancy by the slightly unhinged.

It now seems these were not imaginary fears and that the Administration has only been waiting for the right time and opportunity to launch their programs. As former Administration member Rahm Emmanuel once suggested, you should “never let a good crisis go to waste.” And that would certainly include a crisis ginned up by those who now pretend they want to help solve it with the heavy hand of the federal government.

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