Obama Fails Americans Abroad and At Home

Obama Fails Americans Abroad and At Home

The feckless Obama administration has proven over and over again that it is seriously out of its league when it comes to international affairs. It was obvious when Obama met with Vladimir Putin that Putin had little to no respect for Obama, and the difference between leadership skills was pronounced. When the situation in the Middle East and in particular Syria worsened, Obama dithered and did little, then finally agreed to allow drone bombings on ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group whose murderous actions have thrown the world into a turmoil. When the Russian president decided to enter the fray, there was a pronounced difference in determination, but also in professionalism that people expected from Putin. Obama just does not seem to know how to respond to international crisis, and so he disappears and will finally reappear with a maladroit pronouncement or a bad policy decision that shows just how poorly trained he is to lead the nation in these dangerous times.

This was never more evident than with his reaction to the takeover by terrorists of a luxury Radisson Hotel in Bamako, Mali this past Friday. With Muslim terrorists stromed the hotel, seeking to murder foreigners and forcing guests to recite passages from the Quran in order to determine who would live and who would die, the Obama administration put Americans in harms way and provided intelligence to the terrorists that was stunning in its lack of judgement and misunderstanding of the situation.


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