Obama Does The Tango In The Wake Of Terror

Obama Does The Tango In The Wake Of Terror

Having had his fill of baseball in communist Cuba, President Obama proceeded to dance as the world continues to recoil from the recent horror in Brussels.

That’s not just a figure of speech: Obama literally did the tango even as the possibility that ISIS or other Islamic terrorist groups could carry out more deadly attacks like the ones earlier this week hung over his – and our – heads.

Visiting Argentina as part of a wider trip through the nations of Latin America, Obama stopped for a state dinner. This comes just on the heels of his much-ballyhooed trip to Cuba, where he made himself quite cozy with dictator Raul Castro.

However, the Brussels bombings cast a serious damper over things, with journalists trying to push Obama for a response to them. Incomprehensibly, he has basically blown off any such questions, responding to them with brevity and even irritation, perhaps because he feels the journalists are wasting his “precious” time.

When it comes to the tango though, he apparently has all the time in the world.

Read details of his presidential prancing on the Next Page:

Eschewing national security in favor of personal pleasure has always been a hallmark of Obama’s presidential style, but his latest burst of frivolity in the face of tragedy is particularly outrageous. Liberals make fun of George W. Bush for reading a children’s book after 9/11, but they’re not going to have room to talk anymore now that Obama decided the best response to Brussels was to tango:

“At one point, the female dancer asked Obama to dance and after initially resisting, he got up to dance while the First Lady danced with the male dancers.

According to the pool reporter, many guests began videotaping the presidential pair dancing with their partners.

During a press conference earlier in the day, Obama insisted that he would continue on his Latin America trip in spite of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Thirty-one people were killed in the attacks and an estimated 270 were wounded.

Disrupting his schedule, Obama said, would only send a message to the terrorists that they were succeeding in making the world afraid.”

Source: Breitbart, Truth And Action

Photo: Washington Examiner



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