Obama Demands More Gun Control After Colorado Shooting, ‘Enough is Enough’

Obama Demands More Gun Control After Colorado Shooting, ‘Enough is Enough’

In a truly crass but unsurprising move to take advantage of the tragic shooting that occurred in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday, President Obama took to the airwaves to reference the loss of life as a means of launching a political screed about gun control.

In the attack, the shooter took several hostages and killed three, but was ultimately subdued and taken into custody by police after a 6 hour standoff. The suspect, Robert Louis Dear, 57, lives in a cabin in North Carolina without running water or electricity and is known to be a loner and eccentric, with no known associations to political or other radical organizations.

Rather than focus on the tragic loss of life, Obama chose to talk about the need to remove guns from the streets, and relatives of the victims can be rightly vexed with his unfeeling attempt to use their loss in order to push his agenda of gun control.

There are those who also wonder why the president is so determined to disarm America, or at least the law-abiding citizens who would be affected by such gun control measures. Criminals will not be inclined to hand over their guns if Obama gets his way.

Obama did not mention the numbers of citizens killed over the weekend in his hometown of Chicago, but he surely was living up the the adage of his friend Rohm Emmanuel who suggested he should never let a good crisis go to waste.

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