Obama Claims No Terrorist Attacks on His Watch

Obama Claims No Terrorist Attacks on His Watch

Mr. Obama seems to be a man desperately searching for a positive legacy.  His primary initiative, reforming the way America does healthcare, is a disaster.  It turns out that Obamacare is going to be a drag on his legacy, just the opposite of what he wanted.  The Middle East is certainly no better off for his policies.  Race relations are at a 60 year low, just the opposite of his hope and promise.  This list goes on, but the point has been made.

If the reality of the past eight years is too depressing to rehearse, perhaps turning to fantasy will give comfort those who still hold some hope that the Obama years might have a few bright spots.

Mr. Obama has moved from reality to fantasy in search of an accomplishment that was a positive benefit to America.  More on this on page two.

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